Saturday, November 13, 2010

Cleaning up my act

The craft area organization project is progressing.

I had to root through pretty much everything on the shelves & weed out things that were no longer relevant to me or usable. I finally got realistic and threw away fabric scraps that I knew I wasn't going to use. Yes, it was traumatic. Bigger stuff that I knew I wasn't going to use got put in the Goodwill pile.

So the shelf has gone from this horrid mess:

To This:

It's a bit more organized, but the main part is that all of it is mostly CONTAINED. No more avalanches.

The sewing desk is still a work in progress. It's mostly cleaned off, but I'd like to make an actual cover for the serger so that Joe can't get his little kitty teeth back to the threads. The plastic bag will DO, but it certainly isn't very classy.

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