Monday, November 29, 2010

Here's the wind up...

So I have a week of classes left, and a week of exams, and then I'm free for a month before school starts up again.

Taking advantage of the free time I gained by the holiday break, I started new stuff!

This is the beginning of sock #1.

The pattern I'm using is "Tennis, Anyone?" Socks out of the book Crocheted Socks by Rehfeldt & Wood. It's specifically designed for the elasticized yarn (I'm using Stretch Socks again).

Also on my mind, more snowflakes. And stars. I've decided our little mini tree is going to be decked out in stars this year, and of course, some of them are to be handmade. So I've been over at Ravelry digging up some more flake & star patterns.

So needless to say, I have a lot of plans for my upcoming free time. But now I want to go play with more yarn.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Gifts for Crafters 2010 edition

Guess what? It's Thanksgiving! That means tomorrow kicks off the Holiday gift buying season.

Do you know crafty people? Do you need to find a gift for them? Need some ideas?

(I still stand by my recommendations in my Gifts for Crafters posts Edition 1 and Edition 2)

What am I recommending this year?

-->Pinking shears. Somehow I have managed to be without a pair forever, and I don't understand how. Mom got me a pair for my birthday, and I love them. They're an essential for anyone who's trying to sew anything, particularly with finicky fabrics.

-->A dress form. It's on my wish list. I have a horrible time trying to find clothes that fit my oddly long torso, and I have high hopes of being able to make my own things without that frustration. I know I can't be the only one.

-->Storage. If you're following my Operation Organization on my other blog, you'll know that I have craft space mess issues. I'm not the only one. Give the gift of storage and help your crafter keep organized. Clear plastic see through bins, racks with drawers, shelves, it all helps.

-->Doris Chan (author and crocheter) just put out a post full of ideas for
gifts for those that crochet that I heartily agree with.

-->Have a high tech crafter? How about a Kindle or other reader to take patterns & books on the go? I don't have one, but I hear good things from people I know that do. Think about it - no giant books, no stacks of papers - all in one handy device.

I've been doing some perusing on Ravelry to see what the yarnies there are asking for, and one of the top items is a gift certificate to the yarn shop. You can shop locally if you're lucky enough to have a local yarn store, or you can go online to somewhere like WEBS or KnitPicks.

Probably the thing your crafter wants most? Time to craft! So go old school and make them a coupon for time. Say that you'll do the laundry or the dishes, pick up the kids, walk the dogs or whatever mundane activity they do (that you can do for them) that's taking up their creative time. Give with sincerity and allow them to redeem it without hassle or complaint. It will be MUCH appreciated.

I hope these suggestions give you some help. Happy Gifting!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Quick Quick

Before I forget...

I've started following this blog:

For a DIY'er or seamstress in general, it's awesome inspiration. She takes things that I never would have even considered buying at the thrift store (man, there's some fugly stuff) and Makes. It. Work.

She's coming towards the end of the project (I'm late to the party as always), but all the previous items she's done are in the archive.

It's some really fun reading. Go enjoy!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Cleaning up my act

The craft area organization project is progressing.

I had to root through pretty much everything on the shelves & weed out things that were no longer relevant to me or usable. I finally got realistic and threw away fabric scraps that I knew I wasn't going to use. Yes, it was traumatic. Bigger stuff that I knew I wasn't going to use got put in the Goodwill pile.

So the shelf has gone from this horrid mess:

To This:

It's a bit more organized, but the main part is that all of it is mostly CONTAINED. No more avalanches.

The sewing desk is still a work in progress. It's mostly cleaned off, but I'd like to make an actual cover for the serger so that Joe can't get his little kitty teeth back to the threads. The plastic bag will DO, but it certainly isn't very classy.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Items of Note

In the past 30 days, I have seen/gotten 3 instances of happy feedback and reassurance about my crafting. One of the girls posted a pic on Facebook where she's out and she's wearing the hooded scarf I made her for Christmas last year. The Universe pointed out to me where the blue & green baby blanket should go and the recipient likes it, and my gift exchange partner liked the bag I made her and the earrings that I sent with it (that I also made). It's really made me feel good, especially during a time where I'm not getting to do much and not even sure if I should keep making stuff for people. So that's my happy moment for the week.

I don't know if I mentioned it here or not, but I started another blog for non-crafty things, over at I'm doing a project that I'm calling Operation Organization. I'm cleaning up some problem spots in my apartment and trying to get them to where they don't drive me insane and are actually functional. One of these places is the craft space.

Want to know why I haven't been crafting much (aside from school eating my time)?

Yeah. Messy. Not even creatively messy, or an organized messy. It's just a pile.

So I've gotten a small start. Today I tackled the top two shelves of the bookshelf. They're looking WAY better now.

And I'm not allowed to touch them ever again.


I think.