Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Passing Stuff On

A regular habit of mine is closet culling. I go through my closet a lot, and pull things I don't end up liking or using.

Very rarely does this culling include stuff I make. Usually I see it, think "eh, I never use this" and then think "but I maaaaadddde that" and shove it back in the closet. Except for this last time. I decided to go through my bags and ended up cleaning out a couple that I made.

I decided to finally ditch a bag I made almost 10 years ago, nicknamed the "Hearse Purse"

and I also got rid of the skully bag that is featured in this post.

The normal order of culling in this house is as follows: It comes out of the closet, gets put in a pile/bag in the den and when I think the pile is big enough it goes to the Goodwill/SPCA store/school yard sale. So it's not like anything disappears right away, but very very rarely do I ever get anything out of the pile once it goes.

My future stepdaughter came down for a visit last week. I told her that she could go through the bag of stuff and take anything she wanted. She ended up with a couple of pieces of clothes, our recently ditched coffee mugs, and both bags.

I'm glad they're staying in the family, and that someone else will get some good use out of them. It's all I could hope for anything that I created.