Sunday, March 21, 2010

On Consumer stupidity:

Namely my own.

A while back I was browsing around one afternoon in the fabric store. I was in the notions aisle to get snaps or something, and I turned around and saw the following item, which I proceeded to buy. This item has been the stupidest craft purchase I have ever made:

The Seam Ripper of Stupid. Now a seam ripper isn't altogether a stupid item. It's a very useful item which I encourage all sewing crafters to have. THIS PARTICULAR seam ripper, however, is the stupidest seam ripper on the face of the planet.

It's downfall? It's not sharp. That little U down there at the bottom of the point? The place where all other seam rippers are sharp to cut thread? It's not. It's like the safety scissor of the seam ripper family. Ugh. Way to go, Ubiquitous Sewing Notion Company.

I didn't even need this particular seam ripper. I have a perfectly good (albeit small) one that I got in some sewing kit or something and it's served me well for quite a while. But I turned around and saw "ooh pink!" (which was probably their whole purpose of making it that color) and decided I needed a new one with a cushy handle. Stupid.

What will I do with it? Who knows. I may keep it around for poking things/people. But it's sure no good for doing the one thing I DID buy it for...

Friday, March 19, 2010


Greetings earthlings!

Today found me taking advantage of the sunny day energy and I cleaned out my closet and dresser. Not only is this good because I'm cleaning out crap that I don't use and don't want anymore, it's time for repurposing.

I have a few shirts that I like the design on the front, but they all have one horrible thing in common. What is this heinous atrocity? Cap sleeves. CAP SLEEVES ARE THE DEVIL and whoever thought they should be the new staple in women's clothing should be shot. And I really mean that.

Anyway. I'm going to take these shirts and rip the idiot "sleeve" off and maybe modify the neckline a bit, and I'll have some new tanks. Easy as pie. Mmmm, pie.

Saturday, March 6, 2010


I know, Craftykix has been a little quiet lately.

Well, it's been a time of transition around here, but GOOD transitions.

First of all, I got a new job! I start on Monday and I get to escape the hell that is the TV business (and no, I'm not kidding). I also get to escape the night shift and hold day hours like a normal person. I'm finding that as I get older, I don't enjoy staying up late as much as I used to. I still like sleeping in, and that's going to be a major change (I'll have to leave my house at 6:30 a.m.) but I'm ready for it. The new job is going to mesh well with my studies (both in time and content) and I'm really looking forward to it.

What else is going on? Well, I'm engaged! We have not set a date yet, but once we do I will be doing most of the planning myself (with him, of course), and hopefully most of the crafting as we're trying to keep the budget minimal. This also means I might be (ok probably will be) making my wedding dress! Hijinks may ensue.

So please be patient with me in the coming weeks as I get my new schedule under control and learn to budget my time all over again. I'm hoping to get something on the hook or sewing machine soon, as I'm getting kind of twitchy not doing anything with my hands lately. :)