Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Remnants: the secret to spending less on fabric. Maybe.

When I buy fabric, I rarely ever buy it cut from the bolt.

There are some exemptions I can think of (the black floral for my circle skirt, the pink brocade for the robe, the sheer amount of yardage needed for any window dressing), but most of my projects are small.

I pity anyone who steals my fabric stash box, because they're only going to find maybe one cut of fabric that's more than a yard long.

For these small amounts I usually do a lot of surfing through the remnant bins.

Don't scoff. It's not other people's castoffs - it's fun. You never know what you might find. I've worked with some interesting fabrics that I might not have tried otherwise. Sometimes you find a print fabric that makes you happy, sometimes you can just pick up some basic colors for lining stuff.

Remant rummaging is economical. The past few months when I've gone into the Joann's, the remnants bin has been 50-75% off the already remnanted price. I got a good yard of pretty fleece for no more than $4. If you're crafting to sell, it's simple math: cheaper supplies mean more profit.

Of course, if you buy a billion things out of the remnants bin, that's still going to cost you some cash, but you won't be paying full price.

As for right now, I'm putting my rummaging on hold while I try and cut down the existing stash (also going for yarn). Oh, I'll still look and grab some absolute rare must-have if I see it, but I really have to make what I've got fit back into that box!

Don't neglect the remnants. For small things, it's your go-to for cool fabric on the cheap.

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