Thursday, January 14, 2010

Handmade Holidays part deux

We made a trip up north this past weekend and I was able to give the last few presents to their intendeds, so I give you....

Golly's Broomsticks (from the CLF First Ever Book) for younger stepdaughter:

and a kitty hat for the older stepdaughter:

The hat itself is actually another Rheatheylia Cabled Hat, and I freeformed some ears to attach.

I finished the Phannie hat for me:

This was pre-blocking. It actually stretched out quite nicely when blocked.
I think I should have made it out of something warmer than acrylic, but I do like how it looks. And seeing as it's hard to take a picture of the back of one's head, you don't get to see it on me. Sorry.

I actually do not have anything on the hook right now! GASP! Yes, I know. I just haven't found a pattern that I want to devote time to at the moment. Nor have I thought of anything that is begging for me to figure out. This made for awkward "What do I do with my hands" moments this weekend when I was sitting with family, but I dealt. Besides, next week I head back to school, and until I know how much time I'll have between homework, it's best I not start something that I end up really liking and not have the time to work on it, which is a major drag.

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