Saturday, November 7, 2009


Hi kids, how's it going?

Things are going ok here. It's gotten cold at night, which has made me itchy to make warm things.

I went to the fabric store AND the craft store yesterday and ended up with some fleece and a lot of yarn envy.

Did you know that Deborah Norville of Inside Edition has her face on a bunch of yarn? indeed she does, I saw it yesterday. Didn't look like bad stuff either. Anyway, I can't test it yet, because I've declared that I have to clean out a bunch more of my stash (either via selling or making) before I can accumulate any more.

I've started two crochet things, which are both probably going to be gifts, so I can't show you yet (sorry).

I'm actually thinking about knitting a sweater. Yes, me who got confounded by the Calorimetry and doesn't really knit things that aren't square. But I have some really pretty Simply Soft shadows, and I don't think that the color changes will go right if I try to do it with crochet.
Still plotting.

Anyway, it's not like I haven't been creating. I've been baking. A Lot. It's kind of odd really. But Cooking is just crafting with food, right? Right now I've got pumpkin bread in the oven. Last week I made banana bread, and before that ginger cookies.

And I also tried to finish decorating the apartment. We've been here over a year, but I'm still tweaking. Maybe it's a re-decorating. Whatever. Back two apartments before this one, I had a bunch of CDs on my wall above my bed.

Back to the past:

It was actually really pretty, and I missed it. So I decided that the den/craft/guest room was the perfect place and got to work.

CDs part 2, electric boogaloo:

Please excuse the mess on the desk & shelves (I tried to crop it out)- we're still trying to actually use it as a desk and not a clutter gathering spot....and failing. And ha, I just noticed that one of the cds fell off. I guess I'll be fixing that in a minute, huh?

I would also like to leave you with this link. I found it through the Craftgrrl community on livejournal, and I love it. The blogger, Jess, works in a fabric store, and is starting a blog with a bunch of information that nobody ever tells someone that's starting to sew. There's stuff in here I didn't know, and I grew up watching my mom sew, and I read A LOT. I've got it added to my Google reader, and I encourage you to do the same if you're interested in sewing. Please check out Perspicacity: Jess White Sewing. You won't regret it. :)

And now I get to go pull pumpkin bread out of the oven!! Yummy!

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