Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Link Dump

Ok, this post is mostly just for my own future reference, but I'm sure someone else will want to look at pretties...

I went to Target today. I got sidetracked in the accessories section.

I do not like buying mass market crocheted items because there is no guarantee that the people that crocheted them were paid an honest working non-sweatshop wage. I know the time it takes to make a granny square or doily, and even if you used supplies that were free I don't see how you could do that and still sell a scarf for as little as they do.

Knitted items, however can be done on machine, and I don't feel bad about buying mass knitted items because I don't knit well. Yes, I will try, but if it's something I really really like, I will buy it with only a little bit of "well, i know i could make that" twinge because yes I could make it, but I probably WON'T.

Anyway...Target had scarves. And hats. and hooded things. and they were soft and pretty. And I'll probably ask for them for christmas or something.

Blue cabled "neck warmer"

Blue basketweave hat

hooded scarf wrap thing

There was also another scarf they called an infinity scarf, but I can't find it on the website. it was three different shades of blue, each its own knitted strip, then braided into one scarf.

THAT one I can most likely make easily. And I very well might try.

And yes, I do prefer to support a local crafter in person or via Etsy, but I happened to be there, so it's really a "matter of being in a place and musing" post than a whole "policy and practice" post. Take it as you will.

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