Monday, November 23, 2009

Holiday madness has begun

So somehow I have decided that I am making gifts this year. Small things, and all in addition to the other presents, but I decided on something for nearly everyone.

Extended family:
Gift 1 is done. Can't be revealed yet.
Gift 2 is 98% done - needs edging. Also cannot be revealed.
Gift 3 is in progress.

Immediate Family:
Gift 4 is in progress.
Gift 5 is designed, but not started.
Gift 6 is also designed but not started.
Gift 7 is mostly assembled, but not quite done.

I know, I'm so vague. But the day I decide not to be is the day where *someone* decides to explore the internet....

I don't know what prompted the crafted gifts this year. One was actually requested, but the others, not really. Hopefully the recipients are appreciative.

(ps, an updated Gifts for Crafters post is any ideas you want me to include? Leave a comment!)

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