Monday, November 9, 2009

Cooking is Crafting With Food

Lately I've been on a big baking cooking/baking kick. Can't really explain it, other than the colder weather is making me feel nesty.

Sunday's endeavor was Pumpkin Bread. I use this recipe from Runner's world, and it is delicious. I made it for our Thanksgiving dinner last year, and my sister hijacked what was left of the loaf and kept it for herself. The recipe does make two loaves, so I wasn't that sad. :)

Last week was Banana Bread and Ginger cookies.
The banana bread was okay. It came out a little chewier than I liked, but was still tasty. Maybe less banana next time.

Cookie Recipe from Paula Deen. I think it could have used a little less molasses and a little more ginger, but I like my ginger cookies spicy.

There wasn't a picture of the cookies, they got eaten too fast. :)
And I could have sworn that I took a picture of the banana bread, but can't find it anywhere. :\

The week before THAT was pretzel rolls.
Confession: I am in love with the Sheetz pretzel melt. It's meat & cheese (or my fave egg & cheese) on a pretzel roll, and heated to make it all melty. But seeing as Albemarle County will not let us have a Sheetz in Charlottesville, I either have to go to Greene County or over to Waynesboro to get one. That doesn't happen often. I like them, but unless I'm headed that way anyway, I can do without.

So I found a recipe for pretzel rolls and made my own.

It wasn't very labor intensive, but it was time intensive what with the mixing, the letting rise, the cutting, the 2nd rise, the boiling and then the baking. I also only got 6 out of it, instead of 8, but I suspect my yeast was old and didn't rise as well as it should.

Either way, you can't argue with results:

What's next? I don't know. I would like to try to make regular bread, there is a soda bread recipe I want to try and soon the holidays will be coming up and I will have the Giant Cookie Day of Doom (I have a lot of people to whom I want to give cookies). It's also about the time of year where we make hard candy, and we make our own homemade ice cream every few weeks. There's always something cooking over here...

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