Friday, October 9, 2009

Pet Safety (A PSA)

I'm bringing you this very important safety message - not for you, but for your pets.

Crafting can have lots of obvious hazardous materials like paint, stained glass solder and sharp knives. There are also threats that you wouldn't normally think about which can be just as harmful.

You know how there are all these stylized cards and pictures of a cat with a ball of yarn?

That's BAD. ANY kind of string is very bad for ANY animal when eaten because it can possibly get tangled up in their intestines and can block them or even cut them. It can be FATAL. I'm not joking - it's bad stuff.

This is a constant battle for me, as my Crafty Cat Joe has a string addiction. Seriously, it doesn't matter what it is, if it's long and stringy, he wants to chew on it. My other cat couldn't care less, but Joe is determined enough for the both of them. This includes yarn, twine, ribbon, and thread. In 2001 he had to have surgery to remove a length of thread that he somehow snuck out of a sewing basket I had (which did have a lid).

This weekend Joe (who has been seen earlier with his blankie) for some reason decided that he was going to climb up on my craft desk and get into my serger thread. On a normal machine this wouldn't have been an issue, but sergers have the spools out in the open.

I thought I got the thread away from him in time for him to not eat any, but apparently I wasn't quick enough. Sunday he was throwing up all day, and the morning after that when he wasn't eating, we took a trip to the vet, where he got exams and x-rays. Not knowing all the factors in the situation, we came up with a plan of action and came home.

Tuesday he seemed much better but after we had eaten dinner, he vomited again, which according to the guidelines from the vet meant another trip, this time the emergency vet, since it was out of business hours. After another set of x-rays and some more medication, we came home again to do more waiting.

It's been two more days full of isolation and sticky medicine, but he is FINALLY out of the woods and fine again. He finally passed the thread tonight (5 days since he ate it), thankfully all at once and without incident. And he ate a LOT - way more than I thought he had. We are EXTREMELY lucky that it's ended this well, as the damage could have been very very bad, and I might have lost one furry best friend. :(

So please, please, PLEASE keep thread and yarn away from your pets. It's more dangerous than it looks.

A secure container for your stringy items, and covers for your machines are a whole lot cheaper than vet bills, trust me.

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Erin said...

Awww, poor Joe! I'm glad he's okay. But I feel for you and the vet bills! When Franklin had urine crystals we noticed on a Saturday night that he was sick and had to take him to the emergency vet. It was over $400 and all he really needed in the way of treatment was painkillers, antibiotics, and prescription food.

Good thing we love them so much!