Friday, September 18, 2009

A Tribute

Today is my grandmother's 90th birthday.

Not only is she my last living grandparent, she is the woman who many years ago taught me how to hold a hook and make a granny square.

She's taken the time to make me many handmade things, from the afghan for my high school graduation to a purple quilt a few years ago. She's even spoiled the cats, making them their own little simple quilted blankies to lay on.

Whenever I go visit, I make sure to show her what I'm working on, because I know that no matter what, she will be supportive and know what it means to put time and energy into a project.

Thank you Grandma! I love you! Happy Birthday!!!


Robin and Lana said...

Your creations are beautiful, and we enjoyed reading your posts and links, especially the bacon scarf!

KMay said...

thanks guys!!! :)