Monday, September 7, 2009

Got Some Time to Kill?

When I'm not crafting, I spend a lot of time surfing the net. My top 3 sites are my Google Reader, Facebook and Livejournal. Primarily because when I'm not at a computer, I can surf those 3 on my Blackberry with little loss of content or formatting.

But when I'm at home, computer on my lap and a lot of time to kill, I tend to surf crafty sites (while alternately playing Wordscraper...).

Some are linked over on the sidebar over there --->
but there are a lot of links in my bookmarks and I thought while I'm not doing any producing of actual crafts to show you, that I'd share some of the stuff I like to surf.

1. Craftster -
Although I don't post there nearly half as often as I used to, I do like to see what everyone else is making, especially on the sewing boards. In the spring, around prom season it's awesome to see some of the dresses the girls are making for their dances. It makes me wish I'd been a whole lot more creative for my proms.

2. Ravelry
This is where I spend a majority of my crafty surfing time. And it's usually on the forums, in the Remnants, reading the Open Letters Thread. Ah well. But it is a good source for patterns (free and paid), and feedback.

3. The Anticraft
Each issue has a theme. Everything has a slightly sinister but amusing vibe (just like me!). Come on, a bacon scarf. How can you not love it?

4. Dollar Store Crafts
I actually just followed a link to this one tonight and fell in like, hardcore. Dollar store supplies, awesome results. That's my kind of budget.

5. Craigslist
Find your city, look under "for sale" and then click "arts and crafts." Someone's de-stashing somewhere, usually for very reasonable prices. I got my serger from a guy on Craigslist.

6. Blogs.
I like keeping up with The CLF Official Blog, The Thrifty Knitter, Crocheting with Dee, Fibers by Tracie, and the blog from our LYS The Needle Lady.

What makes reading all of these blogs easier is that I get them all delivered via RSS to my Google Reader. (Yes, I'm pimping it out - I love it! I can sign in anywhere and not miss anything, or forget a feed, or whatever.) And just a reminder, you can get CraftyKix delivered via RSS to you! Just click on the link called "Subscribe to posts" down at the bottom of the page.

Ok, so now you have something to keep you occupied till I finish something else. :)

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