Sunday, September 20, 2009

10 things I love about crochet:

1. Just touching yarn calms me down. Even when my project isn't going correctly, I'm never truly pissed when I have yarn in my hands.

2. How I can sit down and just start hooking and come out with something unique.

3. It's something that I have in common with my grandma and keeps us closer than we would be otherwise.

4. How it's gaining popularity and there are more and more GOOD patterns and less toilet paper cozies.

5. Just because it's fugly in the demo picture doesn't mean it really is when you use a more suitable yarn or color.

6. As long as I can crochet, I will never be cold in the freezing tundra we call the control room.

7. The dream that maybe one day, the hobby I love might make me money to keep me in supplies for my hobby.

8. Playing with different yarns for different effects with the same set of stitches

9. How it can be used to make everything from G strings to socks to sweaters to cargo nets.

10. Crochet stitches like sc, tr, dc, etc CANNOT be done by a machine.

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