Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Storage for Crafters, footie edition

Some people have bags.
Some have desks.

Some have tackleboxes full of stuff.

I have a bookshelf filled with stuff - a plastic bin of fabric, a plastic bin of beads and other miscellaneous crafty bits, and then my painting stuff in a wooden box on top.

My yarn has a dresser drawer to live in.

But by far, the best craft storage solution I've found in the past few months is this:

"What is that?" you ask, "Some sort of brown cube? A fancy box?"

Sort of. It's an ottoman! That opens up! A Storage Ottoman!

So its benefits are multifacted:

1. It holds plenty. Seriously, I could cram a lot more stuff in there.

2. It keeps yarn away from gnawing kitties. No more worries they're going to pull it off the shelf and nom.

3. It's comfy - put your feet up while you work. In this case, it was a double bonus, because the bf and I had always been arguing over who had to be on the bottom of the previous ottoman(a cat condo) and who got to put their feet on top. Now we both have one.

4. It's convenient. Watching tv? Need something to do? Your project is hiding RIGHT THERE IN FRONT OF YOU.

They're mostly affordable, depending on how fancy you want to get. There was a wide leather one at Target that was about $90, but this one is cute, the perfect size and was $20. They come in multiple colors and fabrics, so you're most likely going to find one you like.

Whether you create your own ottoman empire is up to you. ;)

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