Thursday, July 16, 2009

Go recycle yourself...

I finished a recycled grocery bag for the Etsy store, and took some new pictures of another item with our new and improved camera.

I finally sold something last month, but it's been pretty dead since then. I'm debating on taking new pictures for everything, but really, I don't think the ones that are on there are really that bad.

I started another recycled bag, but now I've run out of tan bags, and only have white left and haven't decided if that's acceptable for this bag. It could work, I'm just picky, but not picky enough to go bring 20 some more plastic bags into the house just to finish it.

The sock is good. I got a few inches further down the foot, and now I'm at the point that's tricky pattern reading. I kind of have pattern dyslexia at times. It'll say hdc but I'll end up sc'ing or something. It's not a big deal, I just have to go slow and go stitch by stitch. Not bad, just time consuming. :)

That's what's going on in my world. Everything's pretty stable and calm at the moment, which is good. I head back to school at the end of next month, which means I get to actually participate in the back to school sales, which makes me ridiculously happy.

Well, I have a bored cat on my lap who wants attention and a date with the gym, so off I go....

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