Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tunic...or not to nic?

I've wanted to make this shirt for a long time.
No, really.
I sketched it out a LONG time ago. It's been long enough that when I went to look for the sketch to scan it, I can't find it.

I've never really made many clothes, so I just kind of let it fester.

While I was on the frustrating Joann's trip the other day, I did my usual pass by the remnant bin, and found this polyester knit. It was the color that hit me first (If you haven't realized it, I kind of like that dark shade of teal).

So I nabbed it, because remnants were half off. When I got home, I realized how much of it I had and what kind of shape it was already taking and holy crap, that's my shirt!!

So I made it.

I even used the new serger for the side seams, but I had to pull out the regular machine for the edges of the neck and sleeves.

It's very long (hip length, but that's ok. I hate short shirts. We'll see after a few wearings what kind of annoying it is and whether I need to cut off a bit at the bottom.

This making clothing thing might have something to it after all...

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