Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Skirting the issue

I've been in the mood for a new skirt. I don't wear them that often, but I'm not exactly happy with what's in my closet, so that might be a factor, ya think? Anyway...I felt a circle skirt was in order.

I did some measurements and geometry (who'd have though THAT would come in useful...) and bought 3 1/2 yards of pretty fabric, and started cutting.

The new serger was put to use, and made me very happy, aside from a small mishap with getting extra material caught up with my seam. ooops. Nothing some picking out won't fix...

I ran out of bias tape 33 inches before I reached the end of my hem, so I had to improvise myself some more tape, but it actually turned out pretty good.

I even got to use my new twin needle, which makes me oddly giddy.

PS, Zippers are still a pain in the ass.

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