Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day

Warning: I did a lot of stuff this past week/weekend. To avoid post whoring, I'm breaking them up into a few days...

On to business...
("To business!")

My mom loved the cowl I made her in January. She requested another one, with the tweak being that she didn't want it as tall. She also provided the yarn, so I made her another S.S.V.Stitch, and then since I had most of the yarn left over, I decided to make a bonus. She was talking about how she liked it to drape like a crochet necklace, so I thought, why not just make her a crochet necklace? So I did.

(What the necklace looks like on - sort of....gah! dirty mirror!!!!)

I sent them home with my sister on Saturday, and when I called Mom for Mummy's Day, she said she likes them both. Mission accomplished!

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