Friday, May 8, 2009


Today I stopped by the Joann for a few things for the new machine.

I got some spools of thread, and I looked for extra needles because we all know that when I don't have them, I break them.

I didn't really see the part number on any of the packages in the machine supplies, so wandered over to the machine section. The lady asked if she could help and I told her I bought a used serger and was looking for extra needles. I said it was a Kenmore, and she said they probably didn't have any, but did I have a number and I gave her the post-it I'd written it on.

I told her that I that bought a used one to get started, since I wasn't sure how much I'd even use it. She's like "oh you shouldn't have done that! for the price you paid for that one, you should have bought a new singer..."
"for 75 bucks?"
"Well, $175, and then when you got practiced, you could have traded up to a big girl machine."

I kid you not, that's what she said.

I realize that it's her job to sell the machines.
But I really hate it when people criticize things I didn't ask them to.
Especially things that are already DONE.

She finally found some needles that matched the number, and as I had a choice of #11 and #14, she asked what I material I was using.
I told her cotton, she asked how many layers I said two.
She had this kind of pinched look on her face the whole time.

No, I'm not doing horribly complicated things that involve multiple layers and special fabrics. No, i'm probably not putting my machine up to its full potential. But I'm just starting! I bought it yesterday! I gotta get used to the thing first.

Sometimes a beginning is just a beginning. I gotta get started somehow, you know? That kind of stuff does not help.

I am not good with people.
Maybe I'm just taking all this the wrong way, but it was annoying.
I bought the needles, but next time I'll just go online and not have to deal with it.


Anonymous said...

A "big girl machine"??? Fuck you, lady!

KMay said...

Yeah. I didn't say anything because I was in shock that someone would actually BE that way.

I hate dealing with people.