Tuesday, April 28, 2009

an Update


My brain needs a break. These past two weeks have been very sewing intensive in my head. But yesterday I finally finished up the last few items to put in the Etsy store, and I put the sewing machine away.

I was getting a little burnt out on it, and needed to focus on something else.

Besides, nothing has sold yet, so I don't want to create a mountain of merchandise that I'm just sitting on, you know?

SO it is now spring, although around here it's feeling like summer because it's been in the 90's for the past three days! ugh!

And yet, even though it's hot, I've started a sweater. :)

I'm going with the Aqua Aloha pineapple sweater from Caron. I saw a finished one from Grenouille78 on Craftster and knew I had to try one for me.

My mom requested another cowl! She wanted a summer one, and supplied me with a ball of yellow variegated Peaches & Cream. So I've made her another one of the Super Simple V-stitch variety, but I'm going to try and do another design with the rest of the ball.

I leave you now with a pretty flower....

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