Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I'm home now, I can show you the fruits of my efforts. :)
So that pile of fabric became this pile of stuff!!

There are a few things in there for the shop, and some things for the house, and some presents! The pink is pillowcases, but they did not get their own picture like everything else...

Present: A dragon pouch

Lined with T-shirt fabric

Present: Repurposed T-shirt into pillow of Hapkido power!

And a D-Ring Belt - mostly an experiment, but also a present for me.

The other two things will be up in the store tomorrow!

Nothing like a couple hours of bad tv in the background to keep you company on a sewing binge...


Anonymous said...

OH, no way! The dragon fabric? I bought it in purple about three weeks ago. I'm planning on making a dress from it.

KMay said...

sweet! I originally got it to make wall decorations. Now I'm sad that I've finally used all the scraps.