Monday, January 19, 2009

How to make a Charging Station

Pottery Barn and other home places will be glad to sell you a charging station for all your geek gadgets, for a nice price.

For example this one, while cute, is still at least $60.

Why spend that much? Make your own! I did!

First you'll need a box. I scoured the local Goodwill and found this cute little number:

Just remember that your box needs to be big enough to accommodate whichever gadgets you want to put there...

Step number two: Figure out where your wires will go and drill some holes.
For mine, I figured out I wanted the wires to go in the back and come out the top. I ended up having to take the back off the little drawer inside.

I didn't have to fit anything any bigger than a standard USB plug, but there's no use in getting everything done and then realizing it won't fit.

Then clean up your mess, start threading your wires through the holes and plug it all in:

Happy Charging!

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Gary said...

Well this sure seems nice. I'd love to try it out too. This sure is the cheapest way to get all gadgets snuggled in one piece! You sure rock with this amazing idea!