Friday, January 23, 2009

Utility Crochet

It is my belief that crochet can be used to create not only garments and bags, but also thing for actual hardcore use.

I own a Mustang. I love my car, but things tend to roll about in the trunk. I was going to spend $25 on a manufactured net. Then I went to measure the trunk and found that there are no actual hooks or holes to use to attach said net. That, and I'd rather spend that $25 on something useful like yarn or food.

What's the crafty girl to do? Make my own!

It's black acrylic, left over from some project. Basic fishnet stitch making a stretch fabric seemed like the best way to go.

As for the mounting, that posed a quandary. As I stated above, no hooks, no holes. I ended up finding these 3M Command Cord clips. I was going to go with normal hooks, but these actually clasp back in themselves, and seem better suited for the job.

I mounted the net in the car today while it was warm. So far, so good.

(stuffed with my two tool bags and reusable shopping bags. One of these days I'll remember to take them into the store with me so I can actually use them...)

I have no doubt in the strength of the crochet. I think if there's a weak spot, it will be in the adhesive of the hooks. But hey, they're cheap, if I need to replace them, no big deal.

It's lasted all day so far. I'll check on the mountings again tomorrow after it's had a night of freezing temps, but I think we have a winner...

Monday, January 19, 2009

How to make a Charging Station

Pottery Barn and other home places will be glad to sell you a charging station for all your geek gadgets, for a nice price.

For example this one, while cute, is still at least $60.

Why spend that much? Make your own! I did!

First you'll need a box. I scoured the local Goodwill and found this cute little number:

Just remember that your box needs to be big enough to accommodate whichever gadgets you want to put there...

Step number two: Figure out where your wires will go and drill some holes.
For mine, I figured out I wanted the wires to go in the back and come out the top. I ended up having to take the back off the little drawer inside.

I didn't have to fit anything any bigger than a standard USB plug, but there's no use in getting everything done and then realizing it won't fit.

Then clean up your mess, start threading your wires through the holes and plug it all in:

Happy Charging!

Friday, January 16, 2009

V-Stitch Cowl Pattern

UPDATE 2/1/2015: I have decided that this Pattern will now only available as a PDF download from Ravelry. It is still free, but you must Download here.

UPDATE 9/6/2012 - Pattern has been fixed to include an omission and stitch count on Row 1.

Pattern and all Photos copyright 2009 K.D. May

Pattern is provided for personal use only! Selling of items made from this pattern is not allowed without expressed permission of the pattern author. Please do not copy or distribute this pattern without crediting the author.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Happy Monday!

It's Monday, and I've had an oddly crochet productive week since last Monday.

I made a cargo net for the trunk of my car. Pictures for this will be forthcoming once I get the net mounted. It's an experiment, I'm not sure how well it's going to work but it was worth a shot.

I made a crochet calorimetry from This Pattern. I like it. It turned out well. I used what I had left of my white & sparkly Wool Ease that I used for the Honey Panta. I cut out a lot of the middle rows because I wasn't sure if I was going to have enough yarn. It turned out that I had enough left I could have added a few more rows in the the middle for a fit with some more ease to it. But it still fits, so I can't complain.

Mom got me a gift card for Walmart, and Michael's had a yarn sale, so I restocked the stash.

From Left to Right:
-Two of Paton's Stretch Socks (my sister also got me two skeins in a different colorway for Christmas. I'm making socks!)
-One Bernat Bamboo in Linen
-Two Patons SWS in blue
-Two Caron Simply Soft Eco. It's made out of recycled plastic bottles, which I thought was cool, and it's not as hard as you'd think. It's experiment yarn.
-(up top) Artful Yarns Olympic - From The Needle Lady sale bins. I needed another weight to experiment with.
-(down at the bottom) Caron Simply Shadows.
-Bernat Baby Jacquards - I really like the colors. Don't know what it's going to be yet, but preeeeeetttttty.
-And three (actually four, I missed one black ball) Peaches & Cream cotton.

Mostly to be used for.....


I finished this side waiting at the garage today, and started on the second side. I've been meaning to do these since I got the book years ago, I'm just now getting around to it...

(also in this picture is my new nifty palmwood "H" hook. Oh, I love that thing.)

Monday, January 5, 2009

Maybe it's beginning of the year aspirations.

Maybe it's cabin fever/ADD.

Whatever it is, I'm starting to get a major case of the Startitis.

I've started a recycled plastic bag. I've started a cargo net. And yet I keep eyeing the stash for something to speak up about what it wants to be.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

1ST FO of '09

I usually wouldn't post gifts until they're given. But my family doesn't have the internet, so I'm not worried about Mom seeing her birthday present before it gets to her. (Before I've even mailed it yet, actually)

When I saw this yarn the other day at the store, I knew it needed to be something for her. However, with only 47 yards to the ball, it had to be something small.

So I made her a cowl.

It's a very simple Vstitch repeating motif.

I'm working on writing up the pattern now.