Friday, November 28, 2008

Oh, fickle time...

If Only I'd finished the shawl sooner....

I wore it to Thanksgiving dinner last night, and both Grandmas, my mom, and one aunt went nuts over it.

There is NO WAY I'd be able to finish four (or even one) by the time I have to go back for Christmas. Sigh.

If I'd gotten it done earlier in the year, I'd have had feedback earlier, and could have started on at least one other by now...

Oh, the perils of crafting.

I am going to make two crafty things for Christmas gifts, though. My mom wants me to make my grandma a pair of the mittens. I had her try one of mine on and it fit, so I can use the same pattern, I just need to find her a nice color of fleece.

And then there's the "I don't know."

Last year my sister asked my mom what she wanted, and she said "I don't know..." so my sister came up with some sort of odd little fabric thing. I think it may have had a pocket, but it doesn't really DO anything. Mom took it out of the little box and goes "what's this?" and my sis replied, "It's the I Don't Know!"
Mom laughed her butt off.

This year it's my turn, and mom's requested an I Don't Know in blue.

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