Wednesday, October 29, 2008

One Leg....

is warm, while the other is cold!

One leg warmer done, working on the second one. Shawl still in progress....

I did some other crafty things today, including making pumpkin bread:

Then I made some strides in decorating the apartment. We've lived here about 4 months now, and have some pictures up on the wall, but the bedroom is pretty bare, and a corner above the dining table...

I have a bunch of canvases, but rather than paint something, we went to the Joann's to look at fabric. (I know, I got him to voluntarily go to the fabric store!!). We found some winners, and today I went to the Michael's and got some canvas stretcher strips to mount them.

Here is our new art in the bedroom:

Then these guys will be going up above the dining table on one wall:

And then these two will either be on the perpendicular wall over the dining table, or somewhere else, haven't picked yet:

Hooray for productive days!!

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Madalynn said...

Nice photos..! Impressed with the bedroom art. I love Joann.