Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The power of craft

I haven't been having a really great time with work lately.

Usually when my mind is having its issues, I tend to decompress by either watching mindless television (heh, go figure), read, or craft. Somehow I turn stress into creativity, although it does not always work that way. Sometimes I just turn stress into tears and staying in bed.

So I've been dabbling lately with the two crochet projects, which has kept the crazy at bay for a while.

Until yesterday.

Yesterday was a bad day.

Bad enough that by 10:30pm, my brain was forcibly ignoring all but the basic automatic routine work, and thinking about what fabric I have in the stash, specifically a length of green.
When I left, I came home and almost immediately dove into the fabric box, and in the span of two hours, had sketched out about 4 projects and started cutting for at least one of them, plus some modifications.

And I felt much much better.

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