Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Screw Calorimetry.

I tried it twice. The first try I got stuck because I was doing it wrong, the second time it was TOO F'N SMALL!!! (and looked horrible - how are you supposed to have consistent ribs when you keep slip stitching??)

"Oh, but the third time's the charm!" you say....

WRONG, is what I say. Two wasted evenings is enough. Seriously, the stress I felt at the end of both those evenings canceled out any yarn relaxation.

So now I'm going back to what I should have done in the first place, and CROCHET myself a headband. This one: Honey Panta

I've also got a legwarmer done with my knifty knitter. Now I'm starting the second one. Hope I have enough yarn left. :)


Anonymous said...

only barely related question: What can you make with one skein of yarn? How big of a little blankie? One pair of socks? a hat? I just got a lovely skein from a friend that I'm sending to my sister, and was just wondering...?

KMay said...

I would think that you could do a hat, a scarf, a headband, a small not so fancy bag, washcloths...
Blankie would depend on what kind of stitch. I had most of a whole skein of Simply Soft that I did a generic granny square pattern, and it got up to almost 2 feet across. Of course, they do have lots of yardage in one skein, though.
You'd probably get more mileage out of it with knitting instead of crocheting, but not by much.