Saturday, January 26, 2008

Master Craft List

On my UberList, I said that I wanted to make at least 4 things from the Master Craft List. I had yet to finalize the list, and it will always be open for more things to be added to it, but here's the general idea:

-cell phone pouches
-black Violet Beauregard
-crochet ninja mask (I just think it'll be fun)
-red & white skullholders (Happy Hooker)
-Color Bar blanket (Happy Hooker)
-Psuedo Kimono top in teal (Not Your Mama's Crochet)
-leg warmers
-pink brocade jacket
-amigurumi critters for my darling Prunklets (i have a monkey pattern, but I'd like to vary it up for each one)
-onyx & amber beads necklace?
-fork & spoon paintings
-knit/crochet bellywarmer
-Mystery ice cream accessory project (must do more research)
-tank from Llama Seta that Mom gave me
-ripple afghan
-100% Knifty Knitted sweater - can it be done?
-Calorimetry/Panta headband

I also want to do something with cables, but haven't figured out what.

1 comment:

rbowman said...

How is Violet coming along?

What the HECK is the ice cream thing? Now I'm intrigued...