Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Still Truckin'

Finally made it to the stripes part of the Black Violet. I'm about 1/3 of the way done with those...about 75% done total....Hopefully I can get it done completely by the end of the weekend!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Master Craft List

On my UberList, I said that I wanted to make at least 4 things from the Master Craft List. I had yet to finalize the list, and it will always be open for more things to be added to it, but here's the general idea:

-cell phone pouches
-black Violet Beauregard
-crochet ninja mask (I just think it'll be fun)
-red & white skullholders (Happy Hooker)
-Color Bar blanket (Happy Hooker)
-Psuedo Kimono top in teal (Not Your Mama's Crochet)
-leg warmers
-pink brocade jacket
-amigurumi critters for my darling Prunklets (i have a monkey pattern, but I'd like to vary it up for each one)
-onyx & amber beads necklace?
-fork & spoon paintings
-knit/crochet bellywarmer
-Mystery ice cream accessory project (must do more research)
-tank from Llama Seta that Mom gave me
-ripple afghan
-100% Knifty Knitted sweater - can it be done?
-Calorimetry/Panta headband

I also want to do something with cables, but haven't figured out what.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Project 1 of the year, finished...

Cell phone cases are done! Woohoo!

The red dragon one is for the older daughter, and the indian print with the leopard is for the younger (whose screen name includes "leopard" so it was appropriate).

There's a small pocket in the back for a credit card or something.

They should fit their phones. One has the Chocolate and the other's getting a Razr. Both of which are just slightly bigger than mine, and I've still got plenty of room
(times like these, I like having 2 phones...easier modeling!!)

Lessons learned:
1. Don't forget to add extra height allowance to your pattern, or you won't even get a tiny phone in there...
2. Everything will take longer than you think it will, causing you to go to bed later than normal...

Monday, January 21, 2008

In Progress

Here's the latest craft bits from the week...

These bits and pieces are the beginning of cell phone cases.
We were at the AT&T store last month getting a new phone and saw some on the racks, and I go "eh, I could make that..." and the BF goes, "would you make two for the girls?" (meaning his daughters, ages 16 & 18). Okay.
I really meant to start this like 2 weeks ago.
But we're going up to see them on Saturday, so at least I have a week.
The main plan is just a pocket with a flap, and a strap, and a zipper pocket on the back. No, I don't know how I'm going to attach the pocket on the back, but I'll figure something out.

On the crochet front, I've added more length to the Black Violet. It's about 8 1/2 inches long now, and I want it to be at least 11 before the ruffles, so I've got quite a few more rows to go...

BTW, would someone explain to me why in my sewing supplies I own a 22 inch deep purple polyester zipper? I don't think I've ever sewn anything purple in my life...

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Kix Inx

My craftyness is now permanently displayed for the world...

On my outer calf, about 4 1/2 inches tall....

This awesomeness was brought to you by Jon at Ben Around Tattoo in Charlottesville, Virginia. I came up with the original sketch, he added the shading & color and reworked my lame flames into ones that rock. The shop is awesome, and I am MORE than pleased with the ink we got.

And yes, I did sit there and crochet & KniftyKnit for the almost 2 hours it took him to work on the BF's piece. :)

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Crafting of a different sort

I'm still here. I've added a good 2 more inches at least to the Violet Beauregard.

But I put down the yarn and picked up the pencils because I'm getting a new tattoo!

The BF and I decided that for our Christmas presents we were getting each other tattoos. He has a dragon armpiece that needs finishing, and I wanted another one (this will be #4).
So I'm sketching up my design, and I'm going to take it by the shop later today to have the guy flesh it out some more before we go to get inked on Saturday.

What is it going to be?



Pictures to come, eventually.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Let the Violets begin

I have started the Violet Beauregard. I'm finished with round 4 so far.
I'm using Knitpicks Palette. The main body will be black, and then a light blue and medium blue stripe at the bottom.

By the way....trying to count to 144 while a cat is moving in on the yarn? Not so easy...